Dataset: United States Geological Survey: latest earthquakes around the world.


Unites States Geological Survey has been monitoring earthquakes worldwide. Searches can be performed on world lists from magnitude 2.5/4+, and magnitude 5+. Earthquakes in the United States can be searched from magnitude 1 and above.

World maps can be generated for:
* Africa
* Asia
* Australia
* Europe
* North America
* South America
* South Pacific
* West Hemisphere
* East Hemisphere
* North Hemisphere
* South Hemisphere

Maps for regional United States can be generated for:
* Alaska
* California/Nevada
* Central & Southeast
* Hawaii
* Long Valley
* Northeast
* Northwest
* Parkfield
* Puerto Rico
* Utah
* Yellowstone.

Scientific data, seismograms, earthquake animations, media information and links to Earthquake databases are displayed on this website.

General Information