Dataset: RV Investigator Voyage IN2015_C01 Marine Geothermal Heat Flow Data


This record describes the Heat Flow Probe data collected on the RV Investigator Charter Voyage IN2015_C01, titled "Great Australian Bight (GAB) Deep Water Geological and Benthic Ecology Program." This charter voyage took place from Hobart to Port Lincoln between the 22nd of October and the 28th of November 2015.

The Heat Flow Probe is a sediment penetrating device to measure depth-dependent sediment temperatures and sediment thermal parameters as thermal conductivity to determine marine geothermal heat flow. Calibration of analog/digital channels was done in laboratory; find calibration coefficients in the document 'CTM1000_Konstantenprotokoll_30°C.pdf.' Temperature NTC sensors were calibrated in deep sea (HF06, TRPBE_056), resulting T_Offsets are in file 'TOffset_HF06-ZB100546.dat;' for calibration details contact FIELAX GmbH. The raw data was processed during the voyage and stored in a custom raw (TOB) format and processed CSV format (refer to readme-HF-fomats.txt).

On this particular voyage, the heat flow probe successfully performed the deepest measurements (in the Bight Basin, Offshore South Australia) to 5,432 m water depth, reaching a new record for FIELAX and our equipment.

Access to the datasets is managed by CSIRO Energy (Clayton) as an output of the GAB Marine Program, and any publication requires prior approval.

General Information