Dataset: Quantifying the isotopic composition of oxygen and carbon through time in the core BAR 9403, located off the coast of Sumatra


This short core obtained off Sumatra (BAR9403, 5.82 S, 104.0316 E) records the palaeoceanography from the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) to the present day. The lightest 18O value (-2.99ppt) is recorded during the Holocene (~5cm depth) while the LGM (~125cm depth) is positioned at the heaviest 18O value of -0.59ppt. Once the estimated ice volume effect has been accounted for, this still leaves a substantial difference in 18O which must be accounted for through significant changes in sea-surface temperature (SST) or salinity. The 13C record ranges from a minimum at approximately 8500 yrs BP of 0.16ppt to a maximum value of 1.31ppt during MIS 3.

General Information