Dataset: IMOS - ACORN - Guilderton HF ocean radar station (Rottnest Shelf, Western Australia, Australia)


The Guilderton (GUI) HF ocean radar site (31.342 S, 115.489 E) is one of two HF ocean radars covering Rottnest Shelf and Perth Canyon off the coast north of Perth. The other HF ocean radar station is at Fremantle. The HF ocean radar coverage is from the coast to beyond the edge of the continental shelf.

The GUI HF ocean radar is a WERA phased array system with a 16-element receive array. This radar operates at a frequency of 8.512 MHz, with a bandwidth of 33 KHz, a maximum range of 200 Km and a range resolution of 4.5 Km. Azimuthally the radar covers a sweep 60 deg either side of a bore sight direction of 230 deg true east of north (approximately south-west).

Within the HF radar coverage area surface current radials are measured. Data are also collected from which wind directions and significant wave height can be calculated.

General Information