Dataset: Seabed Environments and shallow sub-surface geology of the Vlaming Sub-basin, offshore Perth Basin: Summary results from marine survey GA0334


As part of the Australian Government's National CO2 Infrastructure Plan (NCIP), Geoscience Australia has undertaken integrated assessments of selected offshore sedimentary basins for their CO2 storage potential. In March and April 2012, Geoscience Australia completed a seabed survey (GA0334) over two targeted areas (Area 1 and Area 2) of the Vlaming Sub-basin (Figure 1 1), as part of a larger study investigating the suitability of the Vlaming Sub-basin for geological storage of CO2.
This document summarises the results and interpretation of seabed and shallow geological (to 30 m below the seabed) data acquired during survey GA0334 in the Vlaming Sub-basin. These data and their interpretations are being used to support the investigation of the Vlaming Sub-basin for CO2 storage potential.

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