Dataset: PACMANUS 2 Geoscientific Data 1993


This dataset contains geoscientific data logged during PACMANUS 2 (FR05/93) on RV Franklin 4-24 June 1993 in Manus Basin, Papua New Guinea. These data include logged station coordinates and information for sediment grabs and cores, CTD/hydrocast operations and samples, camera/video tows and footage, bathymetric surveys and geological and fauna samples. Cruise FR05/93 of RV FRANKLIN was the second expedition to the eastern Manus Basin and the sixth cruise overall to PNG waters in a collaborative research program led by Ray Binns (CSIRO Division of Exploration and Mining, Australia) and Steve Scott (Department of Geology, University of Toronto, Canada) and involving scientists from Papua New Guinea, Australia and Canada. The overall aims of this program have been to locate and study modern analogues of ancient "volcanogenic massive sulfide" orebodies associated with felsic volcanism, in order to develop new concepts and techniques for the land-based mineral exploration industry.

General Information