Dataset: Impact Modes and Effects Analysis for the Galilee subregion



This dataset and its metadata statement were supplied to the Bioregional Assessment Programme by a third party and are presented here as originally supplied.

In this dataset we describe the application of Impact Modes and Effects Analysis (IMEA) to the hazards associated with coal mine and coal seam gas operations in the Galilee subregion. Attention is restricted to water mediated hazards, i.e. hazards that might lead directly or indirectly to impacts on groundwater or surface water, and the assets that depend on them. All other hazards, for example the effects of air quality, are explicitly excluded.

Dataset History

Full details of the hazard analysis process are described in

Dataset Citation

Bioregional Assessment Programme (2015) Impact Modes and Effects Analysis for the Galilee subregion. Bioregional Assessment Source Dataset. Viewed 12 December 2018,

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