Dataset: IMOS - ANMN South Australia (SA) Mid-Slope Mooring (SAM3MS)


The SA Mid-Slope Mooring (IMOS platform code: SAM3MS) is one of five South Australian regional moorings designed to monitor particular oceanographic phenomena in coastal ocean waters. The mooring is located at Latitude:-36.15, Longitude:135.90. It was first deployed in February 2011.

This mooring in conjunction with SAM7DS are placed directly along the shelf gradient from NRSKAI to the shelf break. The purpose of these moorings is to monitor the cross-shelf structure of any currents moving along the shelf break. They are also used to monitor any uplifted ocean water that may be present during the summer upwelling conditions in the SAIMOS region.

The Mid-Slope Mooring is maintained for 6-8 months each year, during summer/autumn depending on logistics.

General Information