Dataset: South Australian Bushfire Safer Precincts


SA Country Fire Service (CFS) responds to a range of incidents across South Australia.
A Bushfire Safer Precinct is a place of relative safety and may be used as a place for people to stay in or as a place of first resort for those people who have decided that they will leave high risk locations early on a bad fire weather day.

Larger rural townships, provided they meet established criteria, will be classified by CFS as having a Bushfire Safer Precinct. Any Bushfire Safer Precinct within those townships will be clearly defined on a map by CFS that is available from the CFS website.

Properties on the outskirts of such townships generally face a higher level of risk when compared with those nearer the centre of town. The relative safety of these properties can be improved by property owners undertaking appropriate bushfire safety works to ensure they don't place themselves or the greater community at risk.
This KML file describes the Safer Precincts areas in South Australia.

General Information