Dataset: National Landcare Program Management Units 2018


As part of Phase Two of the National Landcare Program (NLP) the Australian Government’s natural resource management (NRM) investments will be delivered within NLP Management Units. The NLP Management Units dataset is maintained for the purpose of authoritative reporting on the Australian Government's NRM investments. It is designed to cover all Australian territory where Australian Government funded NRM investments might be delivered. This dataset should not be used to represent legal boundaries (notwithstanding that some boundaries are defined by legislation in some states and territories). It is an administrative dataset developed for the purpose of reporting and public information. Alterations to either the attribution or boundaries of the data may occur in the future, for example to accord with changes to NRM delivery arrangements or to reflect revisions of state/territory regional boundaries.Current VersionThe 2018 version NLP Management Units dataset contains 58 separate mapping objects. These comprise:56 mainland Management Units. A separate object for Lord Howe Island (part of North Coast, NSW Management Unit) A “Marine NRM” Management Unit which combines Australia's Territorial Sea (from 3 nautical miles to 12 nautical miles) and Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone (to 200 nautical miles). It excludes coastal waters (to 3 nautical miles) which are part of the terrestrial NLP Management Units. It also excludes Ashmore & Cartier Islands, Australian Antarctic Territory, Christmas Island, Cocos & Keeling Islands, Macquarie Island, Herd & MacDonald Islands and Norfolk Island, and those parts of Australia's Territorial Sea and Exclusive Economic Zone that surround these locations.The 2018 version was derived from the former NRM regions series (latest version was 2017), originally established in 2006 as the “Natural Heritage Trust II (NHT2) Region Boundaries” dataset. No changes to the spatial alignment of terrestrial region boundaries was made in transitioning from NRM regions to NRM Management Units. The principle data fields in the 2018 version dataset are:NLP_MU (note this replaces the former NRM_Region field) State (state, territory or ‘external’for the Marine NRM unit)Area_Description (eg land area only, state and coastal waters, )NRM_ID (as described below)NRM_ID and NLP_MU names, grouped by state/territory, are as follows:New South Wales (11 Management Units + 1 extra map object for Lord Howe Island)1010 Central Tablelands1020 Central West1030 Greater Sydney1040 Hunter1050 Murray1060 North Coast (excludes Lord Howe Island)1061 North Coast - Lord Howe Island1070 North West NSW1080 Northern Tablelands1090 Riverina1100 South East NSW1110 WesternVictoria (10 Management Units)2010 Corangamite2020 East Gippsland2030 Glenelg Hopkins2040 Goulburn Broken2050 Mallee2060 North Central2070 North East2080 Port Phillip and Western Port2090 West Gippsland 2100 WimmeraQueensland (15 Management Units) 3010 Burnett Mary3020 Cape York3030 Condamine3040 Co-operative Management Area (between Cape York and Northern Gulf)3050 Desert Channels3060 Fitzroy3070 Burdekin 3080 Northern Gulf3090 Maranoa Balonne and Border Rivers 3100 Mackay Whitsunday3110 South East Queensland3120 South West Queensland3130 Southern Gulf3140 Wet Tropics3150 Torres StraitSouth Australia (8 Management Units) 4010 Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges4020 Alinytjara Wilurara4030 Eyre Peninsula4040 Kangaroo Island4050 Northern and Yorke4060 South Australian Arid Lands4070 South Australian Murray Darling Basin4080 South EastWestern Australia (7 Management Units)5010 Northern Agricultural Region5020 Peel-Harvey Region5030 Swan Region 5040 Rangelands Region5050 South Coast Region5060 South West Region5070 Avon River BasinTasmania (3 Management Units)6010 North West NRM Region6020 North NRM Region6030 South NRM RegionNorthern Territory (1 Management Unit)7010 Northern TerritoryAustralian Capital Territory (1 Management Unit)8010 ACTExternal (1 Management Unit) 9060 Marine NRMPrevious VersionsThe 2017 version updated the previous version (2016 version 2) with changes to region boundaries in Western Australia and NRM names in Qld, Tas and WA. The 2017 version also removed the NRM_BODY data (added for 2016 version 2) and the non-spatial OceanWatch map label previously included. The 2016 version 2 updated the marine portion of the NRM regions to be consistent with the current (2015) Australian Maritime Boundaries Information System (AMBIS) coastal water limit boundary. It also included a new four digit unique NRM_ID field for sorting purposes. The 2016 version 2 maintained definitions established in the 2015 version, including for the Peel-Harvey NRM region and for the OceanWatch Australia Limited NRM organisation (not spatially defined). It also maintained changes made in earlier versions including: the 2014 changes in NSW from Catchment Management Authorities (CMA) to Local Land Service areas; and the 2012 update/formalisation of the 2010 dataset (which was an interim update of the NRM Regions 2009 dataset, released Feb 2009). The original base layer version of this dataset was released in 2006 as the Natural Heritage Trust II (NHT2) Region Boundaries dataset.Data to be available in the Public Domain under Creative Commons by Attribution Licensing Agreement.
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