Dataset: Soela Voyage SO 1/80 Biological Data Overview


This record is an overview entry for biological data collected on Soela cruise SO 1/80. This cruise took place in waters off the Western Australian coast, Great Australian Bight, Tasmania and NSW coast during 10 January - 4 February 1980, under the leadership of G. Maxwell. Biological data collected on this cruise include fish and benthic fauna from trawls. Fish component identified and weighed. In addition, the sponge component was categorised into broad morphological groups and weighed. One hammerhead shark from longlining was obtained and some squid samples from jigging. Trolling was carried out with little success.(derived from the cruise report) - Biological Field Data Sheets recorded during this voyage have been scanned to PDF, and are available (to CSIRO Staff) on-line. See the details link under "Stored Media List" (below).

General Information