Dataset: Australian Marine Physical Environmental Data - Descriptions and Metadata


This report provides detailed metadata for the 37 marine physical environmental variables that were collated or specifically generated by the Marine Biodiversity Hub, which is part of the Commonwealth Environment Research Facilities Program. The work was done at Geoscience Australia and the Marine and Atmospheric Division of CSIRO. The data are required for use in the Hub's surrogacy and predictive modelling research. Bathymetry, geomorphology, seabed sediment and seabed exposure data were produced by Geoscience Australia. Bottom-water and surface-water parameters were produced by CSIRO. For each variable there is a general description, comprehensive metadata and a distribution map. All data were transformed to a common datum, WGS84, and converted to a grid with a cell size of 0.01 degrees. The metadata reports conform to ANZLIC standards.

The data fall into five categories:

  1. Bathymetry and geomorphology, derived from the 250 m resolution National Bathymetry Grid at Geoscience Australia;
  2. Seabed sediments, derived from the MARS database at Geoscience Australia;
  3. Seabed exposure, produced from the output of a seabed shear stress model, GEOMACS, at Geoscience Australia;
  4. Bottom-water nutrients and temperature, extracted from the CARS database at CSIRO;
  5. Surface-water parameters, derived from satellite images at CSIRO.

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General Information