Dataset: Biophysical Processes in the Torres Strait Marine Ecosystem II. Survey results and review of activites in response to CRC objectives


This report contains the preliminary results of Geoscience Australia survey 273 to northwest Torres Strait. This survey was undertaken as part of a research program within the Torres Strait CRC aimed at understanding marine biophysical processes in Torres Strait and their effect on seagrass habitats. Two Geoscience Australia surveys were undertaken as part of this program, survey 266 measured monsoon season conditions (Heap et al., 2005), and survey 273 measured trade wind conditions. Section 6 compares and contrasts the survey results acquired for both surveys. Section 7 addresses the results of the survey program in light of the objectives of the CRC proposal.
Survey 273 acquired numerous different data types to assist with characterising the mobile sediments and hydrodynamic nature of the region. Multibeam sonar, current meters, grab samples, vibro-cores, underwater video, meteorological data (from the Bureau of Meteorology), Landsat imagery, were all used to characterise the seabed hydrodynamics of Torres Strait.

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