Dataset: Constructing geologically-constrained 3D models using 3D Geomodeller: An example from the Paterson Orogen


The Paterson National Geoscience Agreement project is using a number of tools to better understand the time-space evolution of the northwest Paterson Orogen in Western Australia. One of these tools, 3D Geomodeller, is an emerging technology that constructs three-dimensional (3D) volumetric models based on a range of geological information. The Paterson project is using 3D Geomodeller to build geologically-constrained 3D models for the northwest Paterson Orogen. This report documents the model building capability and benefits of 3D Geomodeller and highlights some of the geological insights gained from the model building exercise. The principal benefit of 3D Geomodeller is that it provides geoscientists with a rapid tool for testing multiple working hypotheses.

The Cottesloe Syncline district was selected as the focus for a trial of the 3D Geomodeller software. The 3D model was built by members of the Paterson Project, as well as model building specialists within Geoscience Australia. The resultant Cottesloe Syncline model including two dimensional sections, maps and images was exported from 3D GeoModeller and transformed into a Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML), enabling a wide audience to view the model using readily available software.

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