Dataset: Methods for monitoring the health of benthic communities, Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia (WAMSI Node 3 Project 3.1.2)


This report summarizes field and lab-based activities undertaken during 2009 as part of the Ningaloo recruitment project supported through WAMSI as Project 3.1.2. A solid start has been made to meet the objectives of the project which is based on coral and fish recruitment in the Ningaloo Marine Park (NMP). Three trips totalling 54 field days were conducted in the months of February, March and April 2009. The principal activities undertaken and accomplished were the;

  1. establishment of robust protocols and methodologies to address the above objectives for both fish and coral recruitment, and
  2. gathering of the first year's data for determining spatial and temporal patterns of fish and coral recruitment in the NMP.

General Information