Dataset: SHAARC Geoscientific Data 2000


This dataset contains geoscientific data logged during SHAARC cruise (FR04/00) on RV Franklin 5-24.5.2000 in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. These data include logged station coordinates and information for dredges, sediment grabs and cores, CTD/hydrocasts and echosounder operations. The SHAARC research team conducted a multi-disciplinary investigation (volcanology, petrology, geochemistry and economic geology) of submarine volcanic-hydrothermal systems in island arc regions of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. The team carried out 3 primary scientific activities: (i) Volcanology/Petrology (ii) Hydrothermal Deposits/Geochemistry (iii) Marine Chemistry/Hydrothermal Fluids Although volcanism and associated hydrothermal activity on mid-ocean ridges (MOR) and some back-arc basins have been the focus of many detailed studies over the past decade, only a few submarine arcs and fore-arc regions have received much attention. FR04/00 investigations of the New Ireland-Solomon Islands convergent margin will generate a better understanding of the fundamental geological processes of submarine arc volcanism, including hydrothermal activity and the formation of economic concentrations of ore minerals. These data will be compared to and contrasted with hydrothermal activity occurring at divergent plate boundary volcanism.

General Information