Dataset: Age vs Depth profile of core GC10, collected from the Capricorn Channel off the Eastern Australian Coast


A gravity core (GC10) was collected from a depth of 335 mbsl within the Capricorn Channel, southern Great Barrier Reef (GBR). Isotopic values for 18O and 13C were obtained from Gs. ruber and correlated with the SPECMAP age-model. Radiocarbon dating of G. sacculifer was also undertaken at three sample depths, and then corrected and correlated with the curve. This yielded an age vs. depth profile from which it was possible to determine approximate sedimentation rates. The results place the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) date at 130cm and highlights a peak in sedimentation rate during the penultimate glacial / interglacial transition. Down the core the sedimentation rates vary considerably from a high of 12 cm/kyr down to <1 cm/kyr. This is probably the result of a considerable change in the sediment flux related to the sea level fluctuations.

General Information