Dataset: IMOS - AUV SIRIUS, CAMPAIGN: Western Australia, APRIL 2012


Temperate WA (Kendrick, Babcock, Smale): A cruise was undertaken in collaboration with the University of Western Australian and CSIRO to document benthic assemblages on temperate reefs off the coast of Western Australia in April, 2012. This cruise was the third in a 3 year series of IMOS AUV Facility cruises intended to establish a benthic habitat timeseries along the Eastern and Western coasts of Australia. These surveys have been repeated annually for three years. Surveys were conducted off Rottnest Island, Jurien Bay, and the Abrolhos Islands. Sites were surveyed at each location spanning three depths (15 m, 25 m, 40 m), both inside and outside MPAs, with three 25 m x 25 m full photo coverage quadrants devoted to each site. Site locations targeted kelp beds and were provided by the science party. The locations of individual quadrants within each site were selected to repeat surveys conducted in 2010 and 2011. Additional scientific operations carried out during the cruise consisted of CTD casts.

General Information