Dataset: Geological Maps Combined for NSW



This dataset was supplied to the Bioregional Assessment Programme by a third party and is presented here as originally supplied. Metadata was not provided and has been compiled by the Bioregional Assessment Programme based on the known details at the time of acquisition.

A list of hard copy maps. The map catalogue list almost 250 map titles. It contains maps that can be divided into three categories: (1) Statewide Geology, geophysical and thematic maps (2) Geology - Standard series geology maps covering a map sheet, mainly 1:250,000 and 1:100,000 scales with some at 1:500,00, 1:50,000 and 1:25,000. (3) Metallogenic - Maps depicting mineral resources, mainly 1:250,00 scale. Contact:

This dataset has been provided to the BA Programme for use within the programme only. Third parties should contact the NSW Department of Industry.

Dataset History

This shapefile consists of published geological maps by Geological Survey of NSW for various locations located in NSW and held by NSW Department of Trade and Investment.

Dataset Citation

NSW Trade and Investment (2004) Geological Maps Combined for NSW. Bioregional Assessment Source Dataset. Viewed 18 July 2018,

General Information