Dataset: Geology and Petroleum Potential of the Bremer Sub-basin, Offshore Southwestern Australia


The Bremer Sub-basin, which forms part of the Bight Basin off the southern coast of Western Australia, is a deep-water (100-4000 m water depth) frontier area for petroleum exploration. No wells have been drilled to test the sub-basin's petroleum potential, with company exploration limited to a regional seismic survey by Esso Australia Ltd in 1974. Early studies identified the Bremer Subbasin as a series of Middle Jurassic-Early Cretaceous half graben, which contain potentially prospective structures for trapping hydrocarbons. However, a lack of sub-surface geological data, along with the deep-water setting, discouraged exploration of this area for over 30 years. In 2003, the Bremer Sub-basin was identified as a key frontier area in Geoscience Australia's New Oil Program where new exploration opportunities might occur. Subsequently, Geoscience Australia's Bremer Sub-basin Study commenced in 2004 with an aim to determine if the sub-basin formed under suitable geological conditions to generate and trap large volumes of hydrocarbons.

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