Dataset: Australian Public Holidays Dates Machine Readable Dataset



To use a single api endpoint for future public holidays, please refer to the "Australian public holidays combined" resource.

The data format has been updated to align with a tidy data style (

The data in this dataset is manually collected and combined in a csv format from the following state and territory portals:

We try our best to ensure that the public holidays are up-to-date and correct, however we cannot guarantee the accuracy due to changing circumstances within each state and territory. For the latest data please refer your respective states and territory portal. If you notice any discrepancies please leave some feedback and we will try to make corrections as soon as possible.

The data API by default returns only the first 100 records. The JSON response will contain a key that shows the link for the next page of records.
Alternatively you can view all records by updating the limit on the endpoint or using a query to select all records, i.e. /api/3/action/datastore_search_sql?sql=SELECT * from "{{resource_id}}".

General Information