Dataset: Tide gauge and water temperature data from three moorings in Jervis Bay: 05/12/88 - 11/01/89


Three pressure-sensor water-level recorders were deployed, at HMAS Creswell (Orange mooring), off Bowen Island (Black mooring) and off Point Perpendicular (Yellow mooring). These sensors recorded water level and water temperature at 10 minute intervals commencing on 05/12/88 and finishing on 11/01/89.

The Yellow mooring line at Point Perpendicular broke during recovery, and was not recovered by divers until the 08/02/89. This tide gauge was (unintentionally) deployed on rocky steep sloping banks. The water level record revealed that the instrument had slipped down the steep banks on several occasions producing instantaneous changes in water level of up to 1m. These were removed from the data record.

The Black mooring was located at 35.1117 S 150.767 E with a sensor depth of 11m.
The Orange mooring was located at 35.1206 S 150.704 E with a sensor depth of 13m.
The Yellow mooring was located at 35.0967 S 150.802 E with a sensor depth of 20m.

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