Dataset: Survey report March 2002 Voyage 8 Australian Antarctic Division Authors - John VanderNiet / Nick Bowden / Office of the Surveyor General, Tasmania


Field Program as Planned

Field Program as Implemented

All field survey was carried out using Lieca 530 dual frequency GPS; in the static mode for control and post processed kinematic for mapping.

Wednesday 13th March

Thursday 14th March to Sunday 17th March

Monday 18th March

Sea level calibration of the tide gauge situated adjacent to the ANARE station was not achieved due to time limitations and rough sea conditions during the potentially available time for this activity.

The survey report is available for downloading - see the Related URLs below.

The Australian Antarctic Data Centre has included in its GIS database three polygons from the survey data relating to section 4 of the report. The polygons represent three buildings at Macquarie Island Station: the Stores Annex erected in January 2001, the Vehicle Shed and the Boat Shed. The Stores Annex was damaged by a storm in 2003 and was removed during the 2003-04 summer. The Vehicle Shed and the Boat Shed are included in the Macquarie Island station buildings GIS data available for downloading from a Related URL below. These two polygons have Dataset_ID = 125.

General Information