Dataset: Southern Surveyor Voyage SS 10/2004 Underway Data


This dataset contains the Underway (UWY) data collected on Southern Surveyor voyage SS 10/2004. The voyage took place in the Western Pacific ocean between Fiji and Vanuatu during October 2004. This dataset has been processed and is archived within the CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Data Centre in Hobart. Additional information regarding this dataset is contained in the voyage plan and voyage summary. The standard Underway (=continuously recorded) dataset from a research voyage includes Navigation (NAV), Sounder (PDR), Thermosalinograph (TSG) and Meteorological (MET) data. NAV data includes GPS (Global Positioning System) measurements of latitude, longitude, ship's direction and speed. MET data may include atmospheric temperature, humidity and pressure, wind speed and direction, and incident radiation intensity. The data are available at 10 second intervals in the NetCDF file, or at five minute intervals in the standard ASCII file.

General Information