Dataset: Heard Island: Baseline Data for Monitoring Longterm Change. (a) Vegetation Mapping from Orthophotos.


Vegetation mapping from orthophotos derived from non-metric photography for the north eastern, south eastern, south, west and north west coastal areas of Heard Island.

More information about the vegetation mapping process is documented in a pdf report entitled 'Notes for Heard Island Vegetation Mapping project 2002-2006' available for download at the provided URL. The report is an updated version of the December 2004 pdf report entitled 'Heard Island Vegetation Mapping Report'.

The vegetation mapping project was undertaken between 1986 and 1988 (field mapping), 2002 and 2005 (digitising) and 2003-2004 (limited field checking). The data for the mapping done on orthophotos are contained in two shapefiles as follows:

Associated shapefiles are as follows:

General Information