Dataset: Bathymetric grid of Macquarie Island Region (2004)


This metadata record is a modified child record of an original parent record originating from custodians of data associated with Geoscience Australia (The identifier of the parent record is ANZCW0703006701, and can be found on the Australian Spatial Data Directory website - see the URL given below).

A bathymetric grid of the Macquarie Island Region (Longitudes 151 E and 167 E, Latitudes 48 S and 62 S) was produced. In doing so, the individual datasets used were closely examined and any deficiencies noted for further follow up or were rectified immediately and the changes documented. These datasets include modern multibeam data, coastline data obtained from georeferenced SPOT imagery, hydrographic quality data, echosounder data from research and fishing vessels and satellite derived bathymetric data.

A hierarchical system was employed whereby the best and most extensive datasets were gridded first and applied as a mask to the next best dataset. A new masking grid would be formed from these datasets to pass non-overlapping data in the next best dataset. This procedure was employed until finally the satellite data were masked. All the various levels of masked data were then brought together by the gridding algorithm (Intrepid and Desmond Fitzgerald Associates) and an ERMapper format grid produced.

A grid cell size of 0.00225 (nominal 250m) was used with many iterations of minimum curvature gridding and several passes of smoothing.

The final grid is available in geotiff, ArcInfo ascii and xyz text formats.

A detailed report of the work completed is also available.

General Information