Dataset: Water levels in the Gippsland Lakes; 1998 to 2002.


The Centre for Environmental Applied Hydrology (CEAH) at the University of Melbourne, with funding from the Gippsland Ports Authority (GPA) established a water level monitoring network around the Gippsland Lakes in November 1998. Water level data for 18 sites across the Gippsland Lakes are recorded from November 1998 to May 2002 as 12-minute interval, time-centred readings with 10-second window averages. The data was collected at high-resolution spatial and temporal coverage to facilitate an analysis of Lakes level behaviour and hydrodynamic model (HDM) calibration. The data is accessible through the software "Lakes Explorer" version 5.0, written by Dr K.S. Tan in Microsoft® Excel 2000© Visual Basic® for Application (Excel VBA). The "Lakes Explorer" has six basic functions: Import File, Draw Chart, Navigate database, Regenerate/Recalculate Level, Export File, and Animate Profile

General Information