Dataset: Heard Island: baseline data for monitoring longterm change. (c) Orthophotos used for vegetation mapping.


The vegetation mapping project used a set of 1987 and 1980 orthophotos and orthophoto mosaics for mapping and screen-digitising (see "Quality" section). Contact AADC for access to these. A shapefile of orthophoto coverage shows polygons for the areas where each orthophoto was used for mapping. This is an essential guide for use when matching the vegetation polygons to the correct orthophotos.

A list of the orthophotos and orthophoto mosaics used for the vegetation mapping, with locations, is as follows: ('orthoantc' signifies 1987 series, 'orthocasc' signifies 1980 series. Run numbers are not included. Frame numbers are signified by 'f').

Gilchrist Beach

orthoantc1206_f50, f51, f52, f53

Fairchild Beach

orthoantc1209_f209, f210, f212

Skua Beach/Stephenson Moraine

orthoantc1209_f217, f218, f221, f223, f226

Scarlet Hill

orthoantc1202_f32, f34, f36

Skua/Stephenson Moraine


Spit north and Spit south

orthoantc_f230, f232, f233, f240, f242


Paddick Valley

orthoantc_f251, f252


Winston Lagoon/Capsize Beach

orthoantc1209_f260, f261, f263


South Barrier/Lambeth Bluff

orthoantc1209_f263, f264, f266, f267, f268, f269, f271

Lavett Bluff


orthoantc1207_f030, f032, f033

Long Beach

orthoantc1209_f285, f287, f289, f291, f293, f295

orthoantc1207_f20-f29 (mosaic)

Cape Arkona/Cape Pillar

orthoantc1209_f303-f315 (mosaic)

orthoantc1208_f046, f047

Henderson Bluff


Walsh Bluff

orthoantc1209_f327-f328 (mosaic)

orthoantc1208_f11-f17 (mosaic)

Cape Gazert


Laurens Peninsula/Atlas Cove

photo_mosaic_laurens_or (mosaic of nine casc9495 frames covering

Laurens Peninsula and Atlas Cove area).

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