Dataset: Economics of Australian Soil Conditions 1996/97 – Impact Cost of Salinity 2000 – 2020 ($/ha/yr)


Impact Cost of Salinity 2000 a 2020 ($/ha/yr) dataset is one of 11 national
surfaces, represented by ~1km grids, relating to economic opportunities
associated with soil condition. All dollar values are given in 1996/97
Australian dollars. There are three sub-types of data in this dataset:
relative yields, gross benefits and impact costs. Each is described as
follows:1. Relative yield (RY): This is the yield of the crop or pasture,
relative to its full potential expressed as a percentage. It is equal to
actual yield divided by potential yield. The relative yield surfaces, measured
as a ratio (0 to 1) and represented with a 1km grid, include: * ry_salt2000;
ry_salt2020: The relative yield of salinity in the year 2000 and 2020*
ry_Acid; ry_Esp: The relative yield from soil acidity and soil sodicity*
ry_min: The limiting factor relative yield a minimum of ry_salt2000, ry_acid,
ry_esp and ry_min.* lim_fact:Factor most limiting yield a of acidity, sodicity
and salinity 2. Gross benefit (GB): The gross benefit is the additional profit
at full equity attainable through agricultural production if the yield-
limiting factor of salinity, acidity or sodicity were repaired without cost.
As such it can be considered an approximate investment ceiling on treating the
soil. The gross benefit grids are measured in $/ha/yr and include:* gb97a;
gb97e; gb97s a for soil acidity; sodicity; salinity* gb97m a the combined
limiting factor gross benefit. 3. Impact cost (ic97s): This is the decline in
agricultural profit at full equity due to worsening dryland salinity severity
and extent over the time period 2000 to 2020. It is measured in $/ha/yr. It is
determined only through changes in crop yield as a consequence of changes in
dryland salinity. Impact cost can be considered the loss in profit at full
equity due to worsening salinity over the 20yr time period. Keywords:
Economics, Natural Resources, Australia, Salinity, Sodicity, Acidity, Soil
TreatmentData is in albers and unprojected, using WGS84 and GDA94.

See [further metadata](
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