Dataset: Southern Surveyor Voyage SS 02/91 Biological Data Overview


This record is an overview entry for biological data collected on Southern Surveyor cruise SS 02/91. This cruise took place in waters off the south and east coasts of Tasmania, around Maatsuyker Island, Flinders Island, St Helens Hill and approximately 40 miles east of Maria Island during 26 June - 16 July 1991, under the leadership of Tony Koslow. Biological data collected on this cruise include samples of fish and zooplankton from demersal, midwater and plankton tows. Stomach samples for gut content analysis. Acoustic data and target strength measurements of orange roughy. Orange roughy eggs including other fish eggs for vertical distribution examination, and for incubation and buoyancy experiments. 29 species of seabird were observed and recorded during the cruise: 5 albatross, 15 petrels, 1 storm-petrel, 1 diving-petrel, 1 gannet, 3 gulls, 2 terns, and 1 skua species. Whale observations were also recorded. CTD/productivity transects were also carried out east of Flinders Island, Pedra Branca and in the Japanese longline fishery area (off the east coast of Tasmania). Please note: This metadata record is a preliminary entry derived from information in the cruise plan and/or cruise report. Individual data types - which may span several cruises - will be indexed separately within this metadata system in due course.

General Information