Dataset: Sydney Basin bioregion power stations



The dataset was derived by the Bioregional Assessment Programme. This dataset was derived from the GEODATA TOPO 250K Series 3 dataset. You can find a link to the parent dataset in the Lineage Field in this metadata statement. The History Field in this metadata statement describes how this dataset was derived.

Location of mapped Power stations for the Sydney Basin bioregion area. Point features extracted from the GA Topo 250K Habitation dataset, Buildings feature class, where 'TEXTNOTE' = "power station". Names of power station type have been added to the data base from a variety of sources.

Dataset History

For the Sydney bioregion extent, point features extracted from the GA Topo 250K "Habitaton" dataset, "Buildings" feature class, where 'TEXTNOTE' = "power station". The ''NAME' field in the source was originally null for these points but stations' names were able to be sourced by comparing the points with the ecw raster mosiac and the 'NAME' field manually populated. For one feature (Wallerawang) the TEXTNOTE was null but again, through compariason with the ecw raster the building feature could be identified and is included in this dataset.

A further field "Type" has been added and attributed with the text values





as appropriate.

These fields were informed by the following sources:

Processing was done using ArcGIS v10.1

GEODATA TOPO 250k Series 3 metadata available at

Dataset Citation

Bioregional Assessment Programme (2014) Sydney Basin bioregion power stations. Bioregional Assessment Derived Dataset. Viewed 14 June 2018,

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