Dataset: IMOS - South-East Queensland 200m (SEQ200) Mooring Platform


The South-East Queensland 200m mooring (IMOS platform code SEQ200) is part of the East Australian Current (EAC) array. It was initially deployed on the 25/03/2012 at (27.34 S, 153.77 E). The site depth is 200m.

Observations of currents, temperature, and conductivity are measured.

In conjunction with the SEQ400 mooring and the North Stradbroke Island National Reference Station (NRS NSI), this mooring forms the inshore component of the the EAC mooring array. The East Australian Current (EAC) is the major western boundary current of the south Pacific Ocean. It plays a critical role in the ocean re-distribution of global heat from the equator to the midand- high latitudes. The EAC is relatively stable north of Brisbane, but as the current moves south 2-3 large eddies are pinched off every year. These eddies frequently move onto the continental shelf and close inshore and influence the local circulation patterns. At prominent coastal features the EAC moves away from the coast, driving upwelling which draws nutrient-rich water from a depth of 200m or more.

Management of this mooring is undertaken by staff from the National Reference Station (North Stradbroke and Maria Island).

General Information