Dataset: Petrel Sub-basin CO2 storage Seismic survey (GA0336/ Duke9144) (NLECI Program) - High resolution Bathymetry grids


The Petrel Sub-basin CO2 storage 2D seismic survey GA-0336, was acquired by the MV Duke in the Bonaparte Bay, NW Australia for Geoscience Australia between the the 3rd of May to the 24th of June 2012. This survey was part of the Australian government's National Low emission Coal Initiative (NLECI).The purpose was to acquire geophysical data on shallow water (less than 120m water depth) in the Petrel sub-basin to support investigation for CO2 storage potential in the area.
Multibeam bathymetry data was acquired by the vessel at the same time as the seismic data.
This bathymetry dataset consist of the high resolution bathymetry grids (2m) of all the swath data acquired by the MV Duke.

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