Dataset: Belyando Basin Boundary - QLD Structural Framework



The dataset was derived by the Bioregional Assessment Programme from multiple the Queensland geology and structural framework dataset. The source dataset is identified in the Lineage field in this metadata statement. The processes undertaken to produce this derived dataset are described in the History field in this metadata statement.

This dataset contains a polygon shapefile of the Belyando Basin province boundary. The Belyando Basin underlies the eastern margin of the Galilee subregion. Extracted from the QLD Geology and Structural Framework of 2012 - the abstract of which is below.

The data on this DVD contains the converted shapefiles, layer files, raster images and project .mxd files used on the Queensland geology and structural framework map. The maps were done in ArcGIS 9.3.1 and the data stored in file geodatabases, topology created and validated. This provides greater data quality by performing topological validation on the feature's spatial relationships. For the purposes of the DVD, shapefiles were created from the file geodatabases and for MapInfo users MapInfo .tab and .wor files. The shapefiles on the DVD are a revision of the 1975 Queensland geology data, and are both are available for display, query and download on the department's online GIS application.

The Queensland geology map is a digital representation of the distribution or extent of geological units within Queensland. In the GIS, polygons have a range of attributes including unit name, type of unit, age, lithological description, dominant rock type, and an abbreviated symbol for use in labelling the polygons. The lines in this dataset are a digital representation of the position of the boundaries of geological units and other linear features such as faults and folds. The lines are attributed with a description of the type of line represented. Approximately 2000 rock units were grouped into the 250 map units in this data set. The digital data was generalised and simplified from the Department's detailed geological data and was captured at 1:500 000 scale for output at 1:2 000 000 scale.

The geological framework of Queensland is classified by structural or tectonic unit (provinces and basins) in which the rocks formed. These are referred to as basins (or in some cases troughs and depressions) where the original form and structure are still apparent. Provinces (and subprovinces) are generally older basins that have been strongly tectonised and/or metamorphosed so that the original basin extent and form are no longer preserved. Note that intrusive and some related volcanic rocks that overlap these provinces and basins have not been included in this classification. The map was compiled using boundaries modified and generalised from the 1:2 000 000 Queensland Geology map (2012). Outlines of subsurface basins are also shown and these are based on data and published interpretations from petroleum exploration and geophysical surveys (seismic, gravity and magnetics).

For the structural framework dataset, two versions are provided. In QLD_STRUCTURAL_FRAMEWORK, polygons are tagged with the name of the surface structural unit, and names of underlying units are imbedded in a text string in the HIERARCHY field. In QLD_STRUCTURAL_FRAMEWORK_MULTI_POLYS, the data is structured into a series of overlapping, multi-part polygons, one for each structural unit. Two layer files are provided with the ESRI data, one where units are symbolised by name. Because the dataset has been designed for units display in the order of superposition, this layer file assigns colours to the units that occur at the surface with concealed units being left uncoloured. Another layer file symbolises them by the orogen of which they are part. A similar set of palettes has been provided for Map Info.


This dataset provides a single, merged representation of the Belyando Basin as interpreted by the QLD Geology and Structural Framework of 2012

Dataset History

This dataset has been extracted directly from the QLD Geology and Structural Framework: QLD_STRUCTURAL_FRAMEWORK.shp.

  1. Features with the following 'Heirarchy' attributes were selected and extracted:

a) Galilee Basin>Drummond Basin>Belyando Basin>Thomson Orogen

b) Eromanga Basin>Galilee Basin>Drummond Basin>Belyando Basin>Thomson Orogen

c) Drummond Basin>Belyando Basin>Thomson Orogen

d) Galilee Basin>Drummond Basin>Belyando Basin>Thomson Orogen

  1. Features were merged together to produce the Belyando Basin province.

The lineage of the QLD Geology and Structural Framework is below:

Data in this release

*ESRI.shp and MapInfo .tab files of rock unit polygons and lines with associated layer attributes of Queensland geology

*ESRI.shp and MapInfo .tab files of structural unit polygons and lines with associated layer attributes of structural framework

*ArcMap .mxd and .lyr files and MapInfo .wor files containing symbology

*Georeferenced Queensland geology map, gravity and magnetic images

*Queensland geology map, structural framework and schematic diagram PDF files

*Data supplied in geographical coordinates (latitude/longitude) based on Geocentric Datum of Australia - GDA94

Accessing the data

Programs exist for the viewing and manipulation of the digital spatial data contained on this DVD. Accessing the digital datasets will require GIS software. The following GIS viewers can be downloaded from the internet. ESRI ArcExplorer can be found by a search of and MapInfo ProViewer by a search on collectively ("the websites").


Metadata is contained in .htm files placed in the root folder of each vector data folder. For ArcMap users metadata for viewing in ArcCatalog is held in an .xml file with each shapefile within the ESRI Shapefile folders.


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