Dataset: The Creation of High Resolution Bathymetry Grids for Cocos (Keeling) Island


Cocos (Keeling) Island is located approximately 3,685km almost due west of Darwin. It is a mid-ocean atoll with a coral reef, and a very shallow (1 - 20 m) shelf surrounds the island. Bathymetry data are required in this area to help identify major seabed processes and habitats. The data are also required to enable modelling of tsunami as they interact with the shelf around the island and the coast.
This report describes the methodology employed in creating detailed bathymetry data grids of the Cocos (Keeling) Island region. It covers data collection, quality control and gridding. Descriptions are provided of each dataset employed, the methods used to integrate the different datasets and the attributes of the new bathymetry models.

Four new bathymetry grids are presented, including grids that integrate bathymetry with the island's topography.

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