Dataset: The physical environment of Scott Reef, Western Australia (2003): Mooring S10 (E)


Seven instruments were deployed on mooring S10 (E)

Depth: 5m; Instrument: Odyssey; Serial #: 6531; File Name: S10i7t
Depth: 7.5m; Instrument: Odyssey; Serial #: 6533; File Name: s10i6t
Depth: 10m; Instrument: Odyssey; Serial #: 6535;
Depth: 15m; Instrument: SBE39; Serial #: 1052; File Name: s10i4t
Depth: 20m; Instrument: S4; Serial #: 632; File Name: S10i3uv
Depth: 25m; Instrument: SBE39; Serial #: 1051; File Name: S10i2t
Depth: 40m; Instrument: SBE16; Serial #: 2126; File Name: S10i1ct

General Information