Dataset: UVF Surface Maps of 60 Offshore Western Australian Oils


As part of AGSO's commitment to advancing exploration technology, the Petroleum and Marine Division has been conducting studies into the use of fluorescence signatures as a means of detecting, mapping and typing hydrocarbon seeps to their sources. AGSO's aim is to provide data that will allow sea surface hydrocarbon anomalies, detected during Airborne Laser Fluorosensor (ALF) surveys, to be correlated with oils and ultimately characterise the anomalies directly to their source.

This report concludes the second stage of AGSO's remote sensing' multi-client study and comprises ultra-violet fluorescence (UVF) surface maps' of 60 open file western Australian oils.

This report is a stand alone product, with supplementary geological, spectroscopic and geochemical information for the oil set described herein, being presented in Part 1 of this study (Edwards et al., 1998).

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