Dataset: Huon Estuary Study 1996/1998 - Hydrology/Water Quality Data


Data collection was in a seasonal (HES Surveys)and a weekly/fortnightly (CM Surveys) regime. Water quality and trace metal data were collected during the August/September 1998 Contaminants Survey (HES10A). This record references the hydrology, nutrients and water quality data for the Huon Estuary Study. This includes nitrite, nitrate, total dissolved nitrogen, total nitrogen, phosphate, total dissolved nitrogen, silicate, salinity, dissolved oxygen, ammonia, suspended solid and trace metal data. The final data for these data parameters has been loaded into the project database (and subsequently the oracle database) see Marlin record 'Huon Estuary Study-Database'. However, these final datasets along with any intermediate files have also been written to cdrom as text files for archiving purposes by the Data Centre, Hobart. Methods documentation has also been written to the archive cdrom. The completed Field Sheets for all surveys have been stored by the Data Centre-Hobart.

General Information