Dataset: IMOS - ANMN Queensland and Northern Australia, Indonesian Throughflow array, Joseph Bonaparte Gulf (ITFJBG) Mooring Platform


The Joseph Bonaparte Gulf mooring (IMOS platform code ITFJBG) was most recently deployed on 24/05/2011 at (13.61 S, 128.97 E). The water depth is 61m.

It is one of four regional shelf moorings located in the Timor Sea, extending from the Timor Trough to Joseph Bonaparte Gulf. These moorings comprise the Indonesian Throughflow array, which was deployed in June 2011. This is an important first step in the enhanced monitoring of northern Australian waters. These shelf moorings complement the three deep-water moorings deployed in the Timor Passage and Ombai Strait to monitor inter-basin Indian-Pacific Ocean exchange.

Processed data from the first two deployments (Jun 2010 and Jan 2011) are now available.

General Information