Dataset: Modelled hydrologic data for the Basin Plan Evaluation 2020



The hydrologic condition analysis for the 2020 Basin Plan Evaluation drew on data of estimated flows derived from hydrologic modelling done during the development of the Basin Plan 2012. The specific data used for the Evaluation was derived from Basin Plan Model Run 845 which was an earlier version of the final model run (Basin Plan Model Run 871) which was used to establish the Baseline (BDLs) and Sustainable Diversion Limits (SDLs) for the Basin Plan.

For the End-of-System Connectivity Theme, the MDBA also drew on data of estimated barrage flows in the Coorong. This data was produced through modelling of barrage flows by the MDBA. Further information on the underlying methodology can be found as part of the MDBA's publications on the salt export objective and salinity targets for flow management.

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