Dataset: Videos and images from SOL5117 (Joseph Bonaparte Gulf)


The Joseph Bonaparte Gulf survey (SOL5117, GA survey #0325) was conducted on the R.V. Solander between 30 July and 30 September 2010 in collaboration with staff from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) and the Museum and Art Gallery of Territory (MAGNT). This was a follow up survey from a survey in 2009 (SOL4934, GA survey #0322). The SOL5117 survey was undertaken under a Collaborative Agreement between GA and the AIMS. SOL5117 survey collected acoustic multibeam data (bathymetry and backscatter), sub-bottom profile data, as well as detailed geological (sedimentological, geochemical) and biological (towed-video, benthic sled, Smith McIntyre grabs) data for seabed environments (banks, channels and plains) from 4 offshore grids along a N-S transect. In addition, shipboard photographs were taken of barcoded biological specimens. The aims of the survey were to map, identify and investigate potential geohazards and unique, sensitive environments that relate to infrastructure; and to use exisitng data to evaluate the capacity to predict geohazards and sensitive environments.

Underwater video footage and still photographc images (12 megapixel resolution) from towed-video were collected from 46 (Leg 1) and 33 (Leg 2) stations, although quality varies among transects and some still images were not of suitable quality for analysis. Video and image files or associated parent folders are named by station number, gear code (CAM = underwater camera system) and then the deployment number. For example, 'stn48CAM35' would represent a video transect from Station 48 that was the 35th video transect on the survey.

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