Dataset: Air Con Climate Data July 7 2015


This dataset is the hours of operation of the heating and cooling functions of air conditioners across all climate zones in Australia.

This dataset can be applied to any air conditioner to give it annual operating hours in cooling and heating modes, referenced against an Australian postcode based on NatHERS Climate Zones.

The NatHERS Climate Zones is a conglomerate of postcodes, as detailed in the ‘NatHERS Metadata’ tab and the national map on the ‘NatHERS Info’ tab within the excel spreadsheet.
Visit the Nathers website for an interactive version of the national map.

The heating and cooling hours is the number of running hours for one appliance over a year.

This data has the potential be mashed with the appliance rating data from
The climate data can be combined with column O and column W in the air-conditioner csv file at to give a calculation of the kilowatt hours the appliance will consume over a year. Pricing data could then be applied for an accurate annual running cost dependant on your particular climate zone.

General Information