Dataset: JK Aquifer - South Australia and Northern Territory - ARC



This dataset and its metadata statement were supplied to the Bioregional Assessment Programme by a third party and are presented here as originally supplied.

The extent of JK Aquifer SANT shapefile is one of a number of data files developed as part of the Australian Government funded research program entitled “Allocating Water and Maintaining Springs in the GAB”.


The JK Aquifer in this instance represent all rocks interpreted and mapped as the stratigraphic units the Cadna-owie Formation (Knc) and the Algebuckina Sandstone (JK-a) as well as units mapped as a potentially being one of these formations (JK1).

Dataset History

Digital copies of seismic lines, around the western margins of the Eromanga Basin, were loaded into a Geoquest workstation for interpretation. Due to the sparcity of lines, lack of suitable ties and large distances between data sets, picks were mostly done by eye. These picks are simple and can be considered correct in the broad sense. Converting the two way time data from the Geoquest interpretation proved too erratic to be useful. Seismic time data was imported from Geoquest to Petrosys mapping system. In Petrosys, bore tops and outcrop elevations were gridded and contoured. The resulting contour maps were examined for realism and consistency and anomalous tops and areas were reviewed. This was an ongoing process. Geological trends from the seismic were incorporated, also known and inferred fault planes. An extensive series of edits and checks was undertaken until a satisfactory geological map was accomplished. That is, the contours were geologically reasonable, matched all bore and other tie points, followed trends from seismic and merged with previous data based mapping logically and smoothly.

Dataset Citation

SA Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (2015) JK Aquifer - South Australia and Northern Territory - ARC. Bioregional Assessment Source Dataset. Viewed 26 May 2016,

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