Dataset: Natural Resource Management (NRM) Regions (2016)


The Natural Resource Management (NRM) Regions dataset is maintained for the purpose of authoritative reporting on the Australian Government's NRM investments. The dataset is designed to cover all Australian territory where Australian Government funded NRM projects might take place and includes major islands, external territories, and state and coastal waters in addition to the NRM regional boundaries.

The 2016 version 2 updates the marine portion of the NRM regions to be consistent with the current (2015) Australian Maritime Boundaries Information System (AMBIS) coastal water limit boundary. It also includes a new unique ID field for sorting purposes (this is explained in detail below). Three NRM names have also been updated as a result of new information from relevant state/territory agencies and/or NRM regional bodies, as follows:

  1. “Avon” changed to “Wheatbelt”
  2. “North West” changed to “Cradle Coast”

The 2016 version 2 maintains definitions established in the 2015 version, including for the Peel-Harvey NRM region and for the OceanWatch Australia Limited NRM organisation (not spatially defined). It also maintains changes made in earlier versions including: the 2014 changes in NSW from Catchment Management Authorities (CMA) to Local Land Service areas; and the 2012 update/formalisation of the 2010 dataset (which was an interim update of the NRM Regions 2009 dataset, released Feb 2009). The original base layer version of this dataset was released in 2006 as the Natural Heritage Trust II (NHT2) Region Boundaries dataset.

Whilst the boundaries of NRM Regions are defined by legislation in some states and territories this dataset should not be used to represent legal boundaries in any way. It is an administrative dataset developed for the purpose of reporting and public information. It should be noted that from time to time the states and/or territories may revise their regional boundaries in accordance with local needs and therefore alterations to either the attribution or boundaries of the data may occur in the future.

In total, this dataset now represents 61 NRM regions, two of which have large and remote islands which are distinguished in the spatial data, resulting in 63 map objects. The 61 NRM regions comprise 56 mainland regions administered by 55 NRM regional bodies (the Cooperative Management Area in QLD is jointly administered by the two adjacent regional bodies: the Cape York and Northern Gulf NRM bodies) and seven islands (five administered by the Australian Government as external territories, and two administered by nearby mainland NRM regional bodies, which are shown as separate map objects).

The 2016 version 2 includes a new unique ID field in the table structure to allow for sorting based on state, region name and region object (where there is more than one part). The following list of regions includes the new NRM_ID field as a reference:

New South Wales
1010 Central Tablelands
1020 Central West
1030 Greater Sydney
1040 Hunter
1050 Murray
1060 North Coast (excluding Lord Howe Island)
1061 North Coast - Lord Howe Island
1070 North West NSW
1080 Northern Tablelands
1090 Riverina
1100 South East NSW
1110 Western

2010 Corangamite
2020 East Gippsland
2030 Glenelg Hopkins
2040 Goulburn Broken
2050 Mallee
2060 North Central
2070 North East
2080 Port Phillip and Western Port
2090 West Gippsland
2100 Wimmera

3010 Burnett Mary
3020 Cape York
3030 Condamine
3040 Cooperative Management Area (administered jointly by Cape York and Northern Gulf)
3050 Desert Channels
3060 Fitzroy
3070 Burdekin
3080 Northern Gulf
3090 Border Rivers Maranoa-Balonne
3100 Mackay Whitsunday
3110 South East Queensland
3120 South West Queensland
3130 Southern Gulf
3140 Wet Tropics
3150 Torres Strait

South Australia
4010 Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges
4020 Alinytjara Wilurara
4030 Eyre Peninsula
4040 Kangaroo Island
4050 Northern and Yorke
4060 South Australian Arid Lands
4070 South Australian Murray Darling Basin
4080 South East

Western Australia
5010 Northern Agricultural
5020 Peel-Harvey
5030 Perth
5040 Rangelands
5050 South Coast
5060 South West
5070 Wheatbelt

6010 Cradle Coast
6020 North
6030 South (excluding Macquarie Islands)
6031 South - Macquarie Islands

Northern Territory
7010 Northern Territory

Australian Capital Territory
8010 ACT

External Territories
9010 Ashmore and Cartier Islands
9020 Christmas Island
9030 Cocos Keeling Islands
9040 Heard and McDonald Islands
9050 Norfolk IslandData to be available in the Public Domain under Creative Commons by Attribution Licensing Agreement.
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© Commonwealth of Australia (Department of the Environment) 2015

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