Dataset: Australian National Shipwrecks


The Australian National Shipwrecks Database (ANSDB) records all known Maritime Cultural Heritage (shipwrecks, aircraft, relics and other underwater cultural heritage) in Australian waters. Historic shipwrecks (>75 years) are protected under the Historic Shipwrecks Act (1976). Other wrecks that are not yet historic are protected under the Navigation Act (2012).

The public database is located at:
or can be viewed via an online spatial viewer at

The data is maintained by state and territory agencies (practitioners) and is updated either manually or by bulk data harvest, this varies by each state and territory.This data has been licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence. More information can be found at
CC - Attribution (CC BY)
Unlocated wrecks are currently given a point location near where we believe the wreck is located. This is not necessarily accurate. The Historic Shipwrecks Act protects vessels that are located or unlocated.

General Information