Dataset: NSW - CRA/RFA - Forests - Eden - National Estate - Rare Old Growth


Two types of rare, endangered or uncommon old-growth forest communities were identified in Eden: rare and depleted old-growth communities where old growth as a proportion of the forest community is generally less than 10 per cent; and rare, vulnerable and endangered forest communities where old growth as a proportion of the forest community may be greater than 10 per cent but the community itself is rare, vulnerable or endangered.

This dataset has been assessed against the following National Estate sub-criteria:

A2: Importance in maintaining existing processes or natural systems at the regional or national scale

B1: Importance for rare, endangered or uncommon flora, fauna, communities, ecosystems, natural landscapes or phenomena, or as a wilderness.

This is an archived dataset jointly owned by the Commonwealth Government and NSW Governments under the NSW Regional Forest Agreements (RFA) Data Agreement of 31 March 2000.This data is available to the public from the Department and may be used by third parties for unrestricted use provided that the copyright interests of the owners are protected.

Any reproduction of this dataset must carry the following statement:
Copyright Commonwealth of Australia and New South Wales Government 1997.
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