Dataset: Australian Water Resources Assessment 2000 Database


Database to support the Australian Water Resources Assessment 2000. The
Resource Assessment was undertaken by the National Land and Water Resources
Audit in partnership with all States and Territories. The assessment database
contains attributes about the availability, use, allocation, sustainability
and management of water. These attributes are linked to spatial boundaries for
325 Surface Water Management Areas and 538 Groundwater Management Units for
Australia. Many of these attributes are also aggregated to a national, state,
groundwater province and river basins level. The following partners have
collaborated in the production of these resources: ACT a Environment ACT NSW a
Department of Land and Water Conservation NT a Department of Lands, Planning
and Environment Qld a Department of Natural Resources S a Department of Water
Resources Tas a Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment Vic a
Department of Natural Resources and the Environment W a Water and Rivers

See [further metadata](
l_00211a01.xml) for more detail.

General Information