Dataset: Aurora Australis Voyage 3 2010/11 Track and Underway Data


On every voyage of the Aurora Australis, approximately 50 onboard sensors collect data on average every 10 seconds. These data are known as the underway datasets. The type of data collected include water and air temperature, wind speeds, ship speed and location, humidity, fluorescence, salinity and so on. For the full list of available data types, see the website.

These data are broadcast "live" (every 30 minutes) back to Australia and are available via the Australian Oceanographic Data Centre's portal (see the provided link). Once the ship returns to port, the data are then transferred to Australian Antarctic Division servers where they are then made available via the Marine Science Data Search system (see the provided URL).

This dataset contains the underway data collected during Voyage 3 of the Aurora Australis Voyage in the 2010/11 season.

Voyage Objectives: Mawson Resupply, Davis light essential Cargo deployment.

Leader: Mr. Andy Cianchi
Deputy Leader: Ms. Margaret Lindsay
VM Trainee: Ms. Kate O'Malley

Underway (meteorological) data are available online via the Australian Antarctic Division Data Centre web page (or via the Related URL section).

General Information