Dataset: National Flying-Fox Monitoring Program (NFFMP) - Flying Fox Census


National Flying-Fox Monitoring Program (NFFMP) Flying Fox Census.
The national flying-fox monitoring program commenced in 2013 and is a collaborative project between the Australian, NSW, Queensland, Victorian, South Australian and ACT Governments and CSIRO Land and Water. It involves quarterly counts at all known daytime roost sites of grey-headed and spectacled flying-foxes across both species' national ranges, and at black and little-red flying-fox camps where those camps occur within the range of the previous two species or outside these ranges, where monitoring is possible. The aim of the program is to establish a reliable benchmark for flying-fox populations in 2013 and monitor trends in abundance and distribution in subsequent years. Counts are carried out using a robust scientific methodology developed by the CSIRO Land and Water (this method is described at, The first full NFFMP census of grey-headed flying-foxes took place on 14-16 February 2013 and was the most comprehensive survey ever undertaken for this species.

The NFFMP is coordinated by CSIRO Land and Water and Department of Environment in collaboration with the participating state governments.

This dataset contains all the flying-fox census data collected under the NFFMP (up to and including survey results reflected in the data revision date).
The long term ambition of the NFFMP is to make the data publicly available. However, at present the camps and counts data are not available for public release via direct data download. Aggregated data are displayed by an external facing WebGIS viewer. Data could be released for research purposes under standard licence by negotiation with NFFMP.
Discuss any use of the data with NFFMP body

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