Dataset: Australian Government Consolidated Financial Statements Tables and Data


The Consolidated Financial Statements (CFS) since 1995-96 are available on the Department of Finance website at:

The CFS for the Australian Government present the whole of government and general government sector (GGS) financial reports and are prepared in accordance with AASB 1049 Whole of Government and General Government Sector Financial Reporting. They are required by section 48 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (formerly section 54 of the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997).

The CFS include the consolidated results for all Australian Government controlled entities as well as disaggregated information on the sectors of GGS, public non financial corporations and public financial corporations.

This dataset provides an historical series of a collection of published CFS for the whole of government and GGS from 2008-09, including the:

• Income Statement

• Balance Sheet

• Cash Flow Statement

The Historical CFS series is provided to assist those who wish to access and analyse this data.

Please note that this dataset represents published information and will not be recast. Figures may not be directly comparable over time due to changes of classification, accounting standards or budget treatments.

This data is released by the Department of Finance.

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